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'The art of water-drawing R Jenkins  
'The barbarians across the Ocean': Britain through Roman eyes Peter Salway 15–20
'The Beacon    
'The Bear' and 'The Swan' inns [Stratford-upon-Avon] in Shakespeare's time E I Fripp  
'The beginning of the end': progress and prospects in old World chronology A F Harding, W J Tait 147–152
'The biging on Allertown': a reconstruction of an 18th-century farmhouse and steading in Cromarty [from inventory etc] Gordon H Slade 455–472
'The Bone Yard' Lee Prosser 1–2
'The Castles' [prehistoric] camp, Weardale    
'The Castles', Downhall, Aikton Julian Bennett, A Herne,
A Whitworth
'The Chantry' [a house in the High Street, formerly the dwelling of chantry priests], Marlborough C E Ponting  
'The Coal Road' - a highway in decline Randal Bingley 50–62
'The cross in the field', Kilfenora - part of a 'Founder's Tomb'? Fergus O'Farrell 8–13
'The customs of Powys' (B.M. Add. ms. 9867) T P Ellis  
'The deacon and the Jewess': prefatory note I Abrahams  
'The Dogs' and its owners: with particular reference to the Churchey family in Wincanton G Sweetman  
'The end of a moving staircase' Hilary Orange 137–139
'The English settlements', by J N L Myres (1986) Niels Bantelmann 240–242
'The felon sewe of Rokeby' [a Yorkshrie ballad] G H Cowling  
'The first economic revolution' as fiction Anne Mayhew 568–571
'The first wagons and carts': twenty-five years later Stuart Piggott 3–17
'The Forty Five.' [Extracts from letters, 1745-6]    
'The Great Barn' Lewknor: the architectural evidence M C J Morrey, J T Smith 339–345
'The greatest ordeal Annie Gray 255–272
'The Grotto - a whimsical little object' [Painshill Park, Cobham, Surrey: 1750s?] Lesley Howes, Jane Ward 15–25
'The Habitations of Wretchedness'? Clom buildings in Wales Judith Alfrey 71–77
'The Highfield pit dwellings', Fisherton, Salisbury, excavated May, 1866, to September, 1869 F Stevens  
'The horseman Peel H Machell  
'The King's Houses' on Cottington's Hill, Kingsclere G B G BULL 18–26
'The lord Dynham's lands' [a survey taken in 1566 for Henry Compton] R. Pearse Chope  
'The Lunt' Roman fort and training school for Roman cavalry, Baginton, Warwickshire Brian Hobley 1–56
'The male journey' of St Albans, Thursday, May 22nd, 1455 [being an account of the battle of St Albans] Hilda M M Lane  
'The man in the wall' at Wimborne minster J M J Fletcher  
'The Marlipins', New Shoreham A B Packham  
'The meanings of things', writing, and archaeology Ian Bapty 175–184
'The mystical character of commodities Ross J Wilson 144–156
'The Noble Mansion' Old Knowle Hall Lance Smith 43–65
'The officer's lady E W Sheppard  
'The Old Palace' at West Tarring A B Packham  
'The Old Work' at the Roman public baths at Wroxester Graham A WEBSTER, Paul Woodfield 229–239
'The parentage of Francis Bacon G Stronach  
'The parish book' of St Chad's, Shrewsbury, 1722-85 J A Morris  
'The Rundlestone' [being part of a menhir formerly standing in a hamlet of that name] A B Prowse  
'The Rutter of the sea' [c. 1528, being a translation by Robert Copland, fl. 1508-47, of a French treatise] W Senior  
'The Secondary Products Revolution' and the limitations of the Neolithic John Chapman 107–122
'The Sixteen' of Heanor Rev. R. Jowett Burton  
'The unmistakable fashion of the time'? Nick Hill 28–36
'The waters of Redewynd Lucy Wheeler  
'The Yarty' [a brief account of the river with historical allusions] W H Wilkin  
'Their Name Liveth' Christopher J Brooke 75–78
'Theoretical wallowing Julian D Richards 32–34
'They wrought almost any material that came in their way Killian Driscoll  
'This is a thynge done in haste' [carpenters' errors] Douglas Scott 17–23
'Those Victorians T J Hardy  
'Thwaite' place-names on the North York Moors [map, gazetteer, and observations] G E Morris, J McDonnell 24–29
'Titterstone' and 'The Clees' [as place-names] J G Wood  
'To the vill of Penmaen' [medieval documentary references to a removed village in Parc le Breos] L A Toft 34–37
'Treasure trove' in Sheffield: discovery of ancient coins [Henry VIII-James I] S G Harrison  
'Trent Valley Ware', a Roman coarse ware of the middle and lower Trent valley Malcolm Todd 38–41
'Tring, Wing and Ivinghoe' [being an attempt to establish the date and authorship of a stanza of which these names form the first line] E J Payne  
'Twas the week before Christmas.... [fragments of Benedictine Abbey church below Yorkshire Museum] Niall Oakey 8–13



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