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  Laconia. Notes on the topography Phthiotis. W. Vollgraff 224–225
“Would you like to lecture to us?” Bruce Watson 46–47
“Wiggle matching” radiocarbon dates Christopher Bronk Ramsey, Johannes van der Plicht,
B Weninger
“What you see is what you get”: Polydora Baker 28–30
“We grew up and moved on”: Monique Scott 29–50
“Transition dating” – a heuristic mathematical approach to the collation of radiocarbon dates from stratified sequences I Sharon 345–354
“To make the dry bones live”: James E Phillips 72–91
“There wur a bit of ould brass”: Martyn Barber 137–148
“The site was discovered on an aerial photograph.” Rog Palmer 46–47
“St. Anthony and St. Paul in the desert” Áine O'Neill 17–20
“Sein und werden”: Bettina Arnold 239–256
“Putting reform into action” – thirty years of the World Heritage Convention: Peter Strasser 215–266
“Observing the game”: what can access statistics really tell us? William Kilbride, Judith Winters 339–345
“Made in Scotland?”: Effie Photos-Jones 61–72
“Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland” Sarah Cross 10–12
“John of Gaunt's Palace” and the Sutton family of Lincoln S H Rigby 35–39
“Incessant labour conquers everything”: Oliver Bradbury 139–148
“Guns, harpoons, lances, casks and every [necessary] article”: Rory William Adamson McNeary 115–124
“Es ist alles tot Ding”!? Elke Beck 17–22
“Envisioning the past: constructing knowledge through pictorial traditions of representation”, University of Southampton, 10th–12th November 2000 Fay Stevens 119–123
“Doing” agency: Marcia-Anne Dobres, John Robb 159–166
“Crestspeak” Paul A Demers 366–384
“Consider a spherical cow . . .” – on modeling and diet Robert E M Hedges, Gert J van Klinken 211–241
“Berry” or “Bury”: Terry Moore-Scott 18–
“Anthropogenic” pollen assemblages from a Bronze Age cemetery at Linga Fiold, West Mainland, Orkney M Jane Bunting, Richard Tipping,
Jane M Downes
“A tin miner and a bal maiden” – further research on the St Neot windows Joanna Buckley, Allen Buckley,
John Hall
“A debate which crosses all borders” – the repatriation of human remains: Charlotte Woodhead 317–347
'Pays réel or pays légal'? Jane Whittle, Margaret Yates 1–26
'Once upon a megalithic time...': Sarah McCarthy 34–50
'Danes . . . in this country': James Graham-Campbell 201–239
'A force for our future'. Chris Jones 4–
'You pays your money and you takes your choice'. Early days of the archaeology section John Price 29–30
'Wood as a resource in the Middle Ages' – the outlines of the project Ann Christensson 30–33
'Without any distinction of sect, or creed, or politics'?: Steven Thompson 38–56
'With this ring' Hilary M Thomas 67–78
'Wider famed countries': Jonathan Finch 50–63
'Whole streets converted to ashes': property destruction in Exeter during the English Civil War M J Stoyle 67–84
'Where did they put the horses?' revisited: Nicholas Hodgson 887–894
'Wheatcroft Battery Christopher Hall 4–8
'Whatever turns you on Steven Mithen 766–769
'What more were the pastures of Leicester to me? Jonathan Finch 361–383
'What mean these stones?' Some aspects of pre-Norman sculpture in Lancashire and Cheshire Richard N Bailey 21–46
'Well temper'd clay': Judith Roberts 12–28
'Welcome to Pontibus . . . gateway to the West Jacqueline I McKinley 1–69
'We shall have very great pleasure': Jane Brown, Audrey Osborne 95–108
'Wattle and daub': exploring Irish vernacular architecture. Part One: An Irish home in the making Olive Sharkey 34–35
'Waendel' and the Long Man of Wilmington Jacqueline Simpson 25–28
'Vndernethe a fayre pewter dysshe' – pewter in domestic life Trish Hayward 14–20
'Very like a whale': Alasdair W R Whittle 243–259
'Venus' and the ox: Ralph Jackson 152–160
'Vanishing villas': T Lewit 260–274
'Valley of the first iron masters'. Peter Halkon 75–81
'Upstanding' pit alignments in Yorkshire Harold Mytum 6–
'Unto yone hospitall at the tounis end': Derek W Hall 89–105
'Until the lions learn to write, tales of hunting will always glorify the hunter Barri Jones 7–8
'Unique, traditional and charming' the Shapwick Project, Somerset Mick Aston, Christopher M Gerrard 1–58
'Unaker' or Cherokee clay and its relationship to the 'Bow' porcelain manufactory W H R Ramsay, Anton Gabszewicz,
E G Ramsay
'Two names of friendship, but one starre Jean Wilson 70–83
'Turnincorragh' - a Bronze Age burial-mound in Co Mayo Etienne Rynne 72–74



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