Geophysical Survey Report 2001/91 [Site name: KENDAL CASTLE Study area: Investigation type: Geophysical Survey District: South Lakeland Monument: WALL. Undated, BANK. Undated, FEATURE. Undated, STRUCTURE. Undated, PATH. Undated Ngr: SD52209240 Parish: Kendal Postcode: LA9 7DJ]

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Kendal Castle lay on top of a possible drumlin or more likely a crag and tail. There was no documentary evidence indicating when the castle was built, although it was believed that work on the defences was started between 1183 and 1241 by Gilbert Fitz Reinfred. It was probable that the majority of the construction was undertaken by the Roos family. Substantial portions of the Hall Block survived to the east of the gatehouse, along with a round tower in the north-west and the south tower. The castle was a SAM (No. 23704) and a Section 43 Licence was obtained prior to survey. Geophysical investigations were undertaken with the aim of identifying any potentially significant features beneath the ground in two areas at Kendal Castle. Within the castle itself resistance survey and ground penetrating radar were undertaken while the platform to the north of the gatehouse was investigated using only the resistance technique. Resistance survey immediately to the north of the castle walls produced some interesting results. Most striking was a very high resistance, curving anomaly which may have indicated a bank associated with a ditch, the latter was visible as a topographic feature in places. The strength of the response associated within this possible bank suggested that it was more than just a compacted earth feature and was likely to contain rubble revetment or possibly indicated the remains of a wall. The resistance survey of the interior of the castle identified numerous anomalies of archaeological interest including clearly defined foundations/walls. There was, however, some ambiguity in the results as to whether the survey had identified an earlier limit to the castle or suggestions of buildings along the existing curtain wall with a cobbled, or similar, inner courtyard. While some of the more substantial resistance anomalies were not especially coherent in the time slice, GPR data, it provided addition information and aided interpretation of some of the less well-defined resistance responses. [Au(abr)]
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23pp, figs, refs



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