Flat Bridge Farm, Haddenham, Cambridgeshire. An Archaeological Evaluation [Site name: FLAT BRIDGE FARM, HADDENHAM Study area: 2.3ha Investigation type: Evaluation District: East Cambridgeshire Monument: HUT CIRCLE. Middle Iron Age, [finds]. Middle Iron Age, PIT. Middle Iron Age, DITCH. Middle Iron Age, CREMATION. Bronze Age, [finds]. Bronze Age Ngr: TL41757314 Parish: Haddenham Postcode: CB4 5JW]

31; figs; refs
The evaluation added to the understanding of the Bronze and Iron Age occupations of the Upper Delphs terrace at Haddenham. The site showed that the lower fen edges were exploited to a certain degree by the Bronze Age fen dwellers, and that during the Middle Iron Age period people were inhabiting and utilising the borderline area between the marshy riverine edges and the upper terrace pastures. It was noted that if the location of the reservoir were moved 30m north-east, the settlement area would be placed under the soil bund and preserved in situ. [Au(abr)]
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31pp, figs, tabs, refs



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